Refund the Community – No more Police Budget surpluses

Refund the Community – No more Police Budget surpluses

In April, 2023, The Record published an expose revealing that the Waterloo Regional Police Service had run budget surpluses of $2.1M in 2019, $4.9M in 2020, and $2.3M in 2021. The consistent overfunding of the police has meant that funds that could have been used to provide preventive services have been sitting unused. For decades, police have received increased funding, robbing social services of the necessary dollars to support healthy, safe, and caring communities.

The Region of Waterloo Council is currently setting its budget for 2024, and will need to approve or reject the police budget. Attempts by members of Council to introduce policies to refund future police budget surpluses have failed, meaning that the only way to stop overfunding the police is to proactively reduce the police budget to avoid future surpluses. You can use this site to generate a letter to Regional Council calling on them reduce the police budget so that past and future police budget surpluses are used more effectively by redirecting them toward preventive services.

We strongly recommend that you customize the letter below to help it get more attention from Regional Councillors. We suggest that you add some text to the first paragraph to introduce yourself, and that in the second paragraph you add some sentences highlighting a specific Region of Waterloo service that is important to you, and explain why. Here are some examples of services that could make use of the police surpluses:

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